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Energy Infrastructure

SG Green Farm is the leader in construction of Biomass boiler houses, with a total of 59 constructed out of 178 nationwide, with total thermal capacity of 14 MW out of 40 MW.

Also, under the Public Private Partnership between Leova District Council and BioTermocom, the first ESCo project was implemented in Moldova, with the purpose of creating a secure market for integrated services in the bioenergy sector.

The projects goal is forming an integrated service of thermal power infrastructure management and heating supply to public institutions in Leova district.

Project characteristics:

  • Thermal power capacity - 5 MW.
  • Annual thermal energy potential - 6500 Gcal.
  • Annual fuel consumption - 2000 tones.

Project Impact:

  • new public utility service formation;
  • a higher level of services provided to beneficiaries;
  • reduced heat costs;
  • public institutions administrations exemption from allocated resources and managerial efforts for infrastructure management;
  • lowering the imported gas dependence;
  • 48 new jobs;