SG Holding is a diversified group of companies established in 1994 and was set up to strengthen the organizational capabilities of each entity. The Group consists of 12 companies offering services in different fields. Each member of the group is governed by its own rules and regulations, maintaining its brand, organizational form, ownership, financial and managerial autonomy, being guided by corporate policies, concepts, strategies and visions, aimed to implement projects with economic and social impact. Over the years, SG Holding is active in various fields such as:

  • architectural design, construction and subsequent buildings maintenance;
  • production, bottling, distribution and export of wines and alcoholic beverages;
  • implementation of energy efficiency technologies and biofuel production;
  • distribution of pesticides, foliar fertilizers and seeds;
  • first business channel in Moldova "MBC" in Full HD;
  • Radio Station - Datina FM;
  • 1500 mt of cold storage for fruits and vegetables;
  • 110 hectares of apple orchards;
  • wheat, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds and corn export;
  • software development for the US government;
  • distribution of pharmaceuticals;
  • communication strategy, video production, promotion and advertising strategies;
  • consultancy services and legal support;